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Ruta de los Puertos

La Riela – El Pozu de las Mul.leres Muertas - San Antolin de Ibias- El Coniu – La Venta

Its route allows for starting in any point of it. Here, it is proposed the route from La Riela (AS-15) taking the AS-29 and going into the river Coutu valley. Open your eye, every curve during the journey shows the identity of the region. Remount the river to the pass El Pozu de las Mul.leres Muertas (1.098m.).The hardest part has more than 4 km, with a 13-15% of gradient during long parts.

After reaching the pass, enjoy the views riding on a flat area to the Alto de Valvaler and ager that start a long descent to go to San Antolín, passing to villages like Seroiro. Seroiro has streets full of grape arbors, this, joint to its architecture are the best reason to take a break. You can’t leave San Antolín, without visiting the Palloza’s Interpretation Centre and Nature Room.

From this point, continue to Cecos, and there, by the AS-348 to face the second colossus of the journey, El Coniu (1.315 m.), it is longer (19 km) but its ascents are more achievable. Now you have to go into the wood, going through the Muniellos Nature Reserve. This is the best opportunity to know this forest of oaks, beeches and chestnuts that give shade on the final kilometres of the ascent. The Muniellos Interpretation Centre and its view points are the best place to enjoy the panoramic views.


Duration: 4 h 40 min.

Distance:  89,40 km

Difficulty: media-high

Ascent gradient: 1.965 m.

Descent gradien: 1.965 m.

Type: circular

Crossing: free


During the Roman occupation n the pass Pozu de las Mul.leres was used to collect water, used for the gold mines. If you look at the hillside of the part that belong to the Ibias council, you can see the canals that today seem tight paths on the top of the mountain. It is thought that the name of the pass is because the evolution of the words “mol.leras muertas” (soft lands where the water is blocked).


In San Atolín you can stop and know a bit better the territory by visiting the Palloza and the Nature room of the Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña e Ibias Natural Park. Back in the council of Cangas del Narcea, by the pass El Coniu, don’t forget to stop in the viewpoint and Muniellos Interpretation Centre. You will get the best panoramic of this Biosphere Reserve.

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