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Stage 9: El Puertu-Xinestosu

From the highest villaje of Asturias, El Puerto, to a villege known by its excelent cheese, Xinestosu. It is high mountain track starts under the Cueu d’Arbas and continues going trough rich meadowlands of transhumant cattle, to finish in the village os Xinestosu, near the border of the Council of Somiedo. 

Coordenadas GPS:Latitud: 42° 5957,246Norte - Longitud: 6° 258,5476Oeste
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Origin: El Puertu

Duration: 4h. 10 min.

Distance: 11,32 km

Difficulty: Low

Ascent gradient: 550 m.

Descent gradient: 925 m

Type: track


LEITARIEGOS. Casa de Aldea Elvira. (Alojamiento). 606976373

GENESTOSO. Hotel-Restaurante Genestoso. (Alojamiento y Restaurante). 985973019

GR 203 Por donde camina el oso Etapa 9. Leitariegos-Genestoso Descargar el fichero


During winter time, you can go to the Leitariegos ski resort. It is not really big, but it will enjoy the kids and satisfy the ski addicted.


Leitariegos is the highest village of Asturias and has a long a curious history. King Alfonso XI gave a privilege to the inhabitants of Leitariegos: he exempted them from paying taxes and from doing the compulsory military service, in exchange for helping walkers with difficulties because of the inclement weather.

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