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El Coutu

Auguera – L´Artosa – La Veiga´l Tachu – Oubachu – Larna – Ratu – Peñas - Auguera

Enjoy the valleys that go over the river Coutu (it takes that name becaus it is an inheriting territory of el Coto or the monastic control of Courias) and the river Narcea.

Start the route in Auguera, following a first part on tje AS-29 to a tunnel that you have to border by the exterior part. From here, the track is a soil path. There is an ascent of the valley of the river Cabreiru, to L’Artosa and La Veiga’l Tachu, villages that preserve its original architecture.

This first ascent is hard and last more than 3 km between oaks and chestnut woods. From L’artosa (720 m.) a soft descent go to La Veiga´l Tachu, where the second ascend starts, to Collariellu, 3 km more in a good and wide soil path. From here, the route joint to the PR_AS.252, to the left. Continue to Oubachu (848 m.). Go down to the middle of the village and turn left to go over the middle part of the Sierra de Pana Ventana to Larna. The views over the river Narcea are excellent.

Coordenadas GPS:Latitud: 43° 71,8372Norte - Longitud: 6° 3814,262Oeste
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Distance:  27,28 km

Difficulty: high

Ascent gradient: 1.283 m.

Descent gradien: 1.283 m.

Type: circular

Crossing: all year

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