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Senda Moura

Its origin is related to the transport of gold from El Corralin, the most emblematic villaje of the región, to the plateau/Castilla. After that, the same path was used by traders and artisan of the area.

On the southwest of Ibias and Degaña and in the Fuentes del Narcea Naural Park, there is a special valley, the Culqueiros valley. It is formed by three villages: Trabáu, Sisterna and El Bao. In the past, they were dedicated to handicraft, producing house tools and selling them in Castilla.

Nature and handicraft are joint in a path that goes by a really beautiful place full of cultural heritage.

Coordenadas GPS:Latitud: 42° 5638,4396Norte - Longitud: 6° 3624,93Oeste
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Origin: Rebollar or Puerto de El Trayecto

Duration: 4 h. (From Puerto de El Trayecto)

Distance: 10,83 km (one way)

Dificulty: Media

Ascent gradient: 331 m.

Descent gradient: 950 m.

Type: path

Crossing: free (From El Rebollar to Puerto del Trayecto only between 16th July to 30th November)


The small villaje of Rebollar takes its name because it is located among oaks. During a lot of time it was known by the good of its people. Their skilled hands made wooden baskets. Other well known villages of artisans in the region were the ones of the Cunqueiro Valley or Tixileiro, like El Bao and Sisterna in Ibias and El Corralí y Trabáu in Degaña. There, wooden objects were turned and sold in Castilla, Extremadura and even Andalucía.


The Cunqueiro workshop called “El Rincón Cunqueiru”, in Trabáu and the Tixileiro Museum in Sisterna

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