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Sisterna - El Bao

The paths starts in Sisterna, where the “Tixileiros’ (nomadic artisans of wood that made wooden objects and sold them in the west part of the plateau) used to abound. In the village there is an hotel, restaurant and museum, ‘El Tixileiro’ where you can see a interesting collection of pieces that explain the activity of this people, also known as ‘cunqueiros’ (because they made ‘concos’, wooden bowls).

After Sisterna, the path goes slightly up through a chestnut forest, to the village of El Bao. During the tour there are two resting areas, with benches, where you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of the route. This part of the path is adapted to disable people.

When you arrive to the chapel and the cemetery of El Bo, you have to turn right to get close to a viewpoint to see El Corralín. Onthe nearby, there are mountains and roman ancient gold mines.

A popular saying says: Corralín, golden bowl, if you throw a stone, a treasure appears.

Coordenadas GPS:Latitud: 42° 5725,542Norte - Longitud: 6° 3952,4448Oeste
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Origin: Sisterna - Ibias

Duration: 15 min.

Distance: 900 m. (one way)

Type: track

Crossing: all year

Extracción romana de oro


Romans extracted gold from the mountains around El Corralin for decades. They used their usual technique ‘ruina montium’, they prepared big canals to transport water that had been collected before in a higher part of the mountain, the strength of the fall on the rock (previously heated) broke the rock.

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