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Cecos - San Antolín

This is a return walk. Both villages are and excelet option to start.

If you start in Cecos don’t miss the Ron Palace (XVII century) crossing the road to Lagüeiro. It is a private place but you can see the design, around a courtyard and the coat of arms preserved on the main façade from the outside.

In the square of Cecos, there is the church of Santa María that belonged to a monastery of the same name, founded on the X century. There is also the Hotel-Restaurant Cecos that has an exhibition about the Gold track.

Start the walk by taking a path that goes by the river Ibias and reach quickly a small vineyard area. From this part, you can see some remains of the roman golden mines. Continuing the river, you will go through the village of A Pena l´Corvo. This has some buildings like the ‘hórreo’, the mill and a small chapel. The path continues by the mill canals.

From here, follow the river through a dense vegetation of alder trees, maples and ashes, to a great gorge formed by the river Cavo near the confluence of the river Ibias. Immediately, there is a short ascent, and after that, the path goes down again, next to the river, through heather bushes. Now, the route goes over ancient meadows and by a watering canal. Dams are really common in the area.

Near San Antolín, there is a short ascent that goes to the Trigal vineyard. From here, the path goes down to San Antolín.

Coordenadas GPS:Latitud: 43° 121,8676Norte - Longitud: 6° 5115,6024Oeste
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Origin: Cecos - Ibias

Duration: 45 min.

Distance: 3,14km

Difficulty: Media

Gradient: 549 m.

Type: track

Crossing: all year

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