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Los Cadavales

Suitable for walking and for Mountain bike (low-media difficulty). The origin of the track is in the village of Dagüeño, going over the sierra with the same name to the southeast. This is a wide and easy path that reaches high by going trough large meadows of this area that has a huge cattle breeder tradition.

In a soft climb after passing the village of el Regueiro Las Mestas, you can reach the Altu La Braña, located more than 1.000 m high, there you can see Dagüeño, Mieldes ad their meadows. Continue to the south to a crossing. There the Sierra de Cuadrixuela is born. That connects it in a perpendicular way to La Maldita. From here, you could see the Sierra del Acebo and the pasture of Los Chanos. Then you have to turn left to border the Dagüeño hill to southeast.

The track changes its gradient when the Altu La Barraca is reached, more than 1.200 m from where the village of Ridea and its surroundings could be seen. You have to pass by the remains of a hunting refugee that confirm the hunting tradition of the region.

Continue to the meadow of Los Cadavales, an important area of cattle industry in Cangas del Narcea, Somiedo and Tineo. There is a water spring that provides a fountain and a trough and it reverts its water to a small lake from where the river Cadavales born. At the beginning of august the meadow houses a popular romeria. The easy path for mountain bikes goes to this point.

If you have enough strength, at 2 kmfrom there, in a steep climb, you can choose to reach the Altu Penafilera (1.529 m.). The first part is not really hard and goes through a meadow. The second part is a pronounced ascent by a stone path. The effort is worthy because of the impressive views over the mountain valley of Somiedo, the river Pigüeña and the soft hills of Cangas.

Coordenadas GPS:Latitud: 43° 1157,4116Norte - Longitud: 6° 234,7364Oeste
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Origin: Dagüeño

Duration: 2 h. 45 min.

Distance: 10,50 km (one way)

Ascent gradient: 561 m

Descent gradient: 0 m

Type: track

Crossing: all the year

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