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Vil.laxur - Naviegu

Go over five villages of the Naviegu Valley, following paths, tracks and roads where you can enjoy the landscape the etnography and the architecture of this area, on foot or by mountain bike. It is a easy route, suitable for all people.

The path starts in the village of Vil.laxur, next to a mill that is in front of a XVI century palace. This mill is used as an alevin stage and breeding of trouts of the “Fuentes del Narcea” fisher’s association.

After the mill, follow the dam, leaving, on the left, an old washing place with a fountain. By a track by the river Naviegu you will reach the village of the same name. Cross the river and go over the streets fulls of ‘hórreos and paneras’. Don’t leave the village without visiting the small chapel of San Salvador.

An agricultural soil path will bring you from Naviegu to Palaciu, where you can see more examples of our rural architecture: a small flour mill and a place to shoe horses in a stable. Continue back by the same path to Vill.laxur. Go to Riegla de Naviegu again by the left of the river. There, the church of San Vicente, which origin is from the XI century, preserves some characteristics of the rural Romanesque style of Cangas (semicircular apse on the outside).

From Riegla de Naviegu you can follow by the path of soil to Pontarás, where a new chapel and a wider collection of ‘paneras’ will welcome you before going back to the origin of the route.

Coordenadas GPS:Latitud: 43° 423,7936Norte - Longitud: 6° 3249,3404Oeste
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Origin: Vil.laxur

Duration: 1 h. 15 min.

Distance: 5,096 km (one way)

Type: Circurlar

Paseo Vil.laxur - Naviegu
Paseo Vil.laxur - Naviegu
Paseo Villaxur - Naviegu Descargar el fichero
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