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Stage 11: L'Acebu-Courias

The spirituality of L’Acebu Sancturay with the monumental and wine heritage of the Corias Monastery. These are the key points of this stage that you can’t miss.

L’Acebu Sanctuary is one of the most important Marian Sanctuaries of the north of Spain. You can follow the steps of the procession around its walls and enjoy the landscape from its privileged location. This way, the route starts. It is full of mystic and religious aspects.

By going down, it is possible to see the chapel of La Pilarina. It has an area to rest. This is the perfect place to make a pause, for calm and even for reflexion.

On the bottom of the river Narcea valley, you can see the majestic Corias Monastery. Nowadays it is a Parador Nacional (touristic accommodation). It is surrounded by the most characteristic landscape of the region: vineyards. You can visit some areas that are allowed to visit. It will surprise you!.

Coordenadas GPS:Latitud: 43° 930,96Norte - Longitud: 6° 2957,7752Oeste
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Origin: L'Acebu

Duration: 3 h.

Distance: 10,7 km (one way)

Difficulty: Low

Ascent gradient: 52 m.

Descent gradient: 869 m

Type: track



Restaurante Santuario del Acebo: 984111974 

Del Río: 985 81 23 56


Parador Monasterio de Corias (Alojamiento y Restaurante)

Apartamentos Rurales Monasterio (Alojamiento)

Apartamentos Rurales Acebo (Alojamiento)

GR 203 Por donde camina el oso. Etapa 11. L`Acebu - Corias Descargar el fichero


The 8th of September the most popular romeria of the region is celebrated in L’Acebu Sanctuary. It has a great devotion between the ‘vaqueiros de alzada’. Traditional wax figures of animals, arms, hands, etc. are collected with the Virgin offerings.

Near the sanctuary, on the top of a small mountain, there is the Acebo Cross, the symbol of this religious place. However, some people think that its original purpose was to protect the believers from lightnings.


A talk with María Fonceca, a key person in El Acebo and salesperson in the sanctuary, about the essence of the place. Take advantage of that to buy one of the famous ribbons of El Acebo, you have to put closer the Virgin to bless them.

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