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Desfiladero de Bustelín

This is Ibias: grape arbors that give shade to the paths, cork oaks, arbutus and roman mines, ‘cortinos’, stone and slate and much more in a new and different landscape that will lead you to unforgettable places.

Go over the villages of Riodeporcos, Bustelín, Peneda, Penedela and Busto in a circular route that will let you know another culture, other way of life, by the river Navia, the trace left by Romans by the gold mining and the abandoned of its villages.

Coordenadas GPS:Latitud: 43° 445,3864Norte - Longitud: 6° 5636,2112Oeste
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Origin: Riodeporcos

Duration: 5 h. 45 min.

Distance: 16,25 km

Difficulty : Media

Gradient : 800 m.

Type : circular

Crossing : free

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An ancient legend says that during the Arabian invasion, the inhabitants of Peneda got the Arbas drunk, they put them into a barrel and thrown them down the Teso da Cuba. Because of that, the pick take this name.


Spend some minutes in the Teso da Cuba, where you could see the three river meanders known as ‘tres curiotos of the ancient roman mines’. In the closer hill of El Castelo, there was a village that defend the mines.

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