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Leitariegos - La Chabola

Walking by the mountains. Asturian mountains paths have been used during centuries by merchants and pilgrims that found in these routes their lifestyle. The path of Leitariegos, located at more than 1.500 m high, is one of the most important of the region.

If you are looking for a large track to enjoy wonderful views offered by one of the best bear corridors of the Cantabric mountain chain, and you want to visit emblematic places like pastures or mule drivers stops, this is rour route.

From El Puerto to La Chabola de Vallao; you can return by the Camín Real de Leitariegos.

Coordenadas GPS:Latitud: 42° 5957,4188Norte - Longitud: 6° 258,6412Oeste
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Origin: El Puertu

Duration: 2 h

Distance: 7 km (one way)

Dificulty: Low

Ascent gradient: 92 m.

Descent gradient: 579 m.

Type: track

Crossing: free

Senda Local Leitareigos - La Chabola Descargar el fichero


The second part of the track: ‘Camín Real de Leitariegos’. You can retur from La Chabola to El Puerto by this route. It is possible to see the tracks of the wagons on the rocks of the way the mule drivers used during centuries.


During a lot of time at Middle Age, some villages like El Puertu, Brañas d´Abaxu or Cabuezos had some royal privileges because of the help they offered to the walkers trough these difficult routes.

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