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Stage 6: Alguerdo-Sisterna

Houses os stone and slate, coats of arms, grapes arbors, ‘cortinos’, mills,... This is a wonder for the lovers of traditional architecture. All the track goes trough paths and small sections of roads, following the natural itinerary that the inhabitants use to go to La Montaña and the ‘cunqueiros’ villages.

A stop in the villages of Alguerdo. Omente, Villardecencias y El Bao is a must.

Coordenadas GPS:Latitud: 42° 5920,2704Norte - Longitud: 6° 4637,9812Oeste
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Origin: Alguerdo

Duration: 4 h. 40 min.

Distance: 17,81 km (one way)

Difficulty: Low

Ascent gradient: 612 m.

Descent gradient: 412 m.

Type: path


Discover the mills scattered throughout the route. They reflect the richness of these peoples in other times.



Hotel-Restaurante Tixileiro. 985818707


Quei Vitorino (Alojamiento. Artesanía y Turismo Activo). 659555077

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Red and green are the colours of these villages. The red colour of the architecture is due to the iron oxide of the stones in this area. That brings light and a singular colour, that joint to the green of the grape arbors made an unique mix. Villages as Omente or Villardecendias have an incredible beauty and are the best example of the traditional architecture. In the village of Villardecendias there is a house known as ‘La Torre’, that has remarkable stonework on its beautiful carved eaves or on its wrought iron balcony. It has been used for different things. It was a school and the, during the Civil War, a prison.

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