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L.lagunas de Fasguéu

From the beginning, the path goes partially over the ancient “Camino Real” to El Puertu de Santantón. It is a place where stories and fight anecdotes about the “vaqueiros”, cowboys who lived in the area, are told.

In a short time you will reach the Tesu Calechu, a place where ancient wolf hunts took place. On the grass area most corros vaqueiros (build for the vaqueiros to stay at night when they were controlling the cattle) are preserved. The last part is along the Fasgueu valley. It is a shepherding area and it has two glacier lakes.

Coordenadas GPS:Latitud: 42° 5626,016Norte - Longitud: 6° 3416,3056Oeste
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Origin: Rebollar Degaña

Duration: 3 h. 10 min.

Distance: 6,4 km (one way)

Dificulty: Media

Gradient: : 939 m.

Type: climb


A “Chaleco” is a place where wolf hunts took place. A bait was normally used to catch the prey in a trench.

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A walk around Degaña, the capital of the council with the same name. Degaña is divided in two parts by the AS-15 road. On the lower part of the village, near the river Ibias, there are the neighbourhoods of La Veiga, Entrerríios and El Corral. They preserved some traditional constructions like the Casa Armera del Capellán, of 1781, and the Chapel of San Juan. There is also the unique palloza (traditional round construction with wicker roof). On the other part of the road new houses live with noble houses as the Casa Sebastiían, which “u” shape houses an “hórreo” in the courtyard.

The Church of Santiago is located in the end of the village. It was restored after the Civil War.

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