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Courias - El Puelu

The path starts in Courias, in the medieval bridge located in front of the Monastery. Cross the bridge and go through the village, where you will find ‘hórreos’, ‘paneras’, fields, vineyards, cattle...

Follw the signs to continue to Retuertas. In this village, there is a medieval leprous hospital, ‘La Malatería de San Lázaro’, that still preserves an altar piece of the XVIII century.

Go back to the crossing sand take the path that goes to the ancient ‘Camino Real’. Continue the tour, surrounded by oaks, to El Pielu, enjoying beautiful panoramic views, remains of the mining tradition (there are some prospectings on the left), a ‘corripa’ (circular construction made of stone that is surround an oak and is for pick up the chestnuts) and places full of legends as Los Moros cave.

In El Puelu you can see very well preserved traditional buildings.

Coordenadas GPS:Latitud: 43° 1140,1316Norte - Longitud: 6° 3240,7544Oeste
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Origin: Courias

Duration: 1 h. 45 min.

Distance: : 6,09 km (one way)

Type: track

Crosing: all year


In Retuertas there was ‘malateria’ a hospital to house and care leprous people. This illness is also known ‘San Lázaro illness’.


A walk by the streets of Courias and El Puelu. There singular rural Asturian architecture is represented by their ‘hórreos’, ‘paneras’, fountains...

Trazado Courias - El Puelu
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