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El Rebol.lal - Degaña

Crossing the village of El Rebol´lar take a paths that goes to the south and cross Los Molinos recreational area. This area, located between centenary oaks, by a stream, still preserves some mills used by the inhabitants of the village.

Continue by the main path ignoring other paths. On the way, you will see meadows and fields until the meadow of the river Ibias. In this part of the route, the path goes by the river until a fork. The diversion to the left crosses the river in the area known as Puentenueva, to reach later the AS-15 road to Degaña.

Go straight ahead, by the path by the river, passing the Light Factory of Degaña and going into a wood of oaks and beeches further on.

The path continues by the meadow of the river Ibias, leaving the recreational area of La Medal to the left. After that, to the right, there is a fountain of fresh water. Quickly, you will reach the first houses of Degaña.

Coordenadas GPS:Latitud: 42° 5631,3944Norte - Longitud: 6° 3622,5324Oeste
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Origin: El Rebol.lal

Duration: 45 min.

Distance: 6,36 km (one way)

Type: track

Crossing: all year


Visiting Degaña, the capital of the council with the same name. The village preserves a large number of interesting buildings as the Casa Armera del Capellán, the church of Degaña dedicated to Santiago o the ruins of the Tower, that was, according to a legend, the palace of the Toreno Count.

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