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Bosque de Mual

Asturias is a natural Paradise. The Muniellos Nature Reserve, designated as a biosphere reserve, is one of the most important nature spaces of Asturias. It has the highest protection: only 20 people per day can experience the feeling of walking along an unaltered wood.

The Mual wood is the best alternative if you cannot visit the Muniellos Nature Reserve.

This route crosses farmland, meadows and large forests until reaching Montecín viewpoint. From this point you will see Muniellos

Coordenadas GPS:Latitud: 43° 259,9892Norte - Longitud: 6° 3816,8828Oeste
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Origin: Mual

Duration: 3 h 10 min

Distance: 9,12  km

Dificulty: Media

Gradient: 477 m

Type: circular

Crossing: free

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The path Mual- las Tablizas, the entrance to Muniellos. It is a perfect plan if you travel with kids or to do by bike. You could also known peculiar and traditional constructions like the ‘cortinos’ (to protect the honey)


In the region the honey production is really popular. The same ancient structures have been used for centuries: the ‘cortinos’. There are circular constructions with 2 metres high stone walls and without roff to protect the hives (that here are called ‘truébanos’ or ‘trobos’.

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