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Paseo del Vino

This path starts in the neighbourhood of San Tiso, a place with a great wine tradition. An example of that are the numerous traditional wineries that are located there, some of them still used by their owners to made wine in a familiar environment.

This place houses the Vino de Cangas Museum, too. It explains the wine history of this territory, from the IX century to the present.

After passing San Tiso, the path goes by the river Luiña. During the route you can see the impressive riverbank forest: alder trees, ashes, willows, etc. and the native fauna, like Iberian desmans, otters, trouts or squirrels, among others. The interpretative panels help to better understand this ecosystem and give more information about the constructions that have been used to take advantage of water over the years (the stockades and the mills).

During the walk you will also know the different varieties of grapes and vineyards. The path ends in La Imera, where you can see how the vineyards are settle in terraces along the mountain, surrounding the winery. It’s a delicious oath between water and wine.

Coordenadas GPS:Latitud: 43° 107,7952Norte - Longitud: 6° 3236,6036Oeste
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Origin: San Tisu

Duration: 20 min.

Distance: 1,5 km (one way)

Type: track

Crossing: all year

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Historical documents talk about the foundation of the Monastery of "Sancto Tirso" at the beginning of the XI century , in the place where there is now the chapel. It is a building of the XVIII century that preserves some Romanesque style elements: a corbel and a loophole window on one side.


A few metres of the end of the path another one starts. This goes to a winery surrounded by vineyards. Extend your route and enjoy a walk by grapevines.

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