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Pomar de las montañas

The trak starts in Bisuyu, an interesting willage hidden among mountains and which landscape tells an unfinished story. It is a 10 kilometres trak to discover the mountains that were used to extract gold at romans time and the woods that later supplied the numerous forges and mallets that the village had.

Coordenadas GPS:Latitud: 43° 1112,1668Norte - Longitud: 6° 382,4972Oeste
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Origin: Bisuyu

Duration: 3 h. 46 min.

Distance: 10,7 km

Dificulty: Low

Gradient:  333 m.

Type: circular route

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When you finished the route, you should take a stroll along the streets of Bisuyu. The writer Alejandro Casona was born here and lived in the village the earliest years of his life.

Some charming places of the village inspired emblematic works as “La casa de los siete balcones”, in reference to the Besullo’s house where the school was located. Alejandro Casona said: ‘I thought I hace found the heaven on earth in my own valleys’. Nowadays, some places related to his life and works are preserved.


Bisuyu has a blacksmith past. You can visit the Mazu d’abaxu ( a traditional mallet to forge) and know the peculiar religious life of this remote village where catholic and protestant communities lived together.

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