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Stage 4: Seroiro-San Antolín

This is an easy path that bring us to the past, to understand how was and how is the life in villages like Seroiro or Dou, with their fields, their wine tradition, their prosperous past and their demographic drop. This is a track of paths that take us to San Antolín, the capital of the council of Ibias. There are some services for the visitor that could enjoy an entertaining day after a beautiful walk.

Coordenadas GPS:Latitud: 43° 333,3468Norte - Longitud: 6° 4923,4192Oeste
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Origin: Seroiro

Duration: : 3 h. 15 min.

Distance. : 9,80 km

Difficulty: Low

Ascent gradient: 910 m.

Descent gradient: 980 m.

Type: path



Restaruante Eiroa (Alojamiento y Restaurante). 985816104

Restaurante Leiguarda. 985816172

Apartamentos Rurales As Estrébedes (Alojamiento)

Apartamentos Candanosa (Alojamiento)


Hotel Rural Cecos (Alojamiento y Restaurante) 985816199

GR.203 Por donde camina el oso. Etapa 4. Seroiro - San Antolín Descargar el fichero


You can enjoy a rest in San Antolçin, without forgetting to taste their succulent gastronomy. You should also visit the Aula de la Naturaleza and the Palloza (that is a replica). If you want to continue with more activities, it is recommended to take a walk by the Sonora path, listening to the sounds of the rural world, or to take a dip in the pool.


Nowadays, Dou has a small population. In the past, it has a school-house that in the 70’s housed a large number of boys and girls. At the present, this school is abandoned and is only an example of the rural depopulation.

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