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Pousada de Rengos

This track is for intrepid hikers that want to discover the secrets of this roller-coaster of sensations. ‘Refresh your senses’ and know a bit more about the ‘vaqueira’ culture, its festivities and beliefs and the natural wealth of its territory.

The fall of Agua Blanca,thel Mirador, the chapel of  San L.luis, lake Caldevil.la, the sierra El Pandu, the pasture La Trapa and the wider views over the Muniel.los valley, are some corners that wouldn’t left you indifferent.

This is a small environmental luxury on the border of the Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña e Ibias Natural Park, where you will enjoy an adventure trough an ancient path that was used by peasants to lead the cattle to the highest meadows in summer.

Coordenadas GPS:Latitud: 43° 315,2568Norte - Longitud: 6° 3645,9252Oeste
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Origin : Pousada de Rengos

Duration: 5 h.

Distance : 13,78 km

Difficulty : Media

Gradient : 749 m.

Type: circular

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Approach to the view point and the fall Agua Blanca, where the river Ruicueva falls down looking for the water of the river Narcea.


In the middle of august, people of all the region go to the chapel of San Luis to celebrate the day of the patron saint. If you have never lived a ‘romería’ in Asturias, this is the perfect place to enjoy it for the first time.

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