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Senda Sonora

UThis is a unique experience in Asturias. This is a geolocated path that reflexes the nature voices and human talking environments that give life to this territory.

You only need earphones and walk. The tracks are available for free downloaded on the website or you can also visit the Aula de la Naturaleza y Centro de Interpretación de la Palloza of San Antolín , where you can borrow earphones and MP3 player with the audio.

The path, lasting approximately 30 minutes, has a group of compositions created by Juanjo Palacios and Edu Comelles. You will discover the difference between hear and listen. There is a free interpretation of the talking landscape of Ibias that looks for generate an experience that get you closer to an attentive listening.

All the talking materials used on this route have been registered in Ibias and in the area. Each composition has a specific theme.

On the walk to go back to San Antolín, without the tracks, you will discover how many sound you are able to listen and recognise.

Coordenadas GPS:Latitud: 43° 219,32Norte - Longitud: 6° 529,5124Oeste
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Origin: San Antolín - Ibias

Duration: 30 min.

Distance: 2 km (one way)

Type: track

Crossing: all year


Overture (from 0:00 to 09:20 minutes). A beginning piece that introduces the listener in a complex talking landsca'pe, where rhythmical structures are mixed with different lays of landscape in different distances. It shoes a varied and changing sound.

Part I (from 09:40 to13:45 minutes).

This is a composition game from the sound of water as a supporting element of the Ibias Valley. The river is the key in this region and the sound of water is constant in every part of the territory.

Part II (from 14:00 to 19:20 minutes).

This one presents a number of human talking landscapes that join together formed an acoustic portrait of the people of Ibias. The track is articulated around the oral memory of the people that live in the area since forever.

Part III (from 19:30 to 22:30 minutes).

This is a tour by different aspects of the rural world of Ibias. In this track there are common sounds that are showed as musical environments. The clucking of a hen could be read and listened as a sad litany or a sung cry.

Closing (from 22:35 to 28:40 minutos).

The main character of this track is an instrument with a lot of importane in the rural world: the bells. During centuries, the bells have been used as an acoustic sign for a lot of people. With the passing of time, they have loosed their utility and presence on the talking landscape. The closing is a vindication of the bells as a daily instrument and as a powerful communication tool.


Ibias is the council of Asturias that has the biggest concentration of houses with rye straw roof. This kind of roof, called ‘teito’, brang a very effective insulation against the rain and it kept the ideal temperature for ‘hórreos’, ‘paneras’ and ‘pallozas’. Lagüeiro, Valdeferreiros or Santa Comba  are some of the villages where you can see ‘hórreos’ with this kind of roof.


A visit of the Palloza Interpretation Centre in San Antolín. This is the best form to know the origins of the traditional ‘teito’ houses.  

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