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Dos Ancares

The way of life of the ‘vaqueiros’ (asturian cowboys) was really different to the other’s people. They moved the cattle to the highest pastures in summer, so their lifes were conditioned by this moved. They had to be temporary apart from their families. Some pastures were modernised and became into permanent settlements to turn into villages. One example of this is Arandoxo, which nowadays is abandoned.

Coordenadas GPS:Latitud: 42° 5922,5456Norte - Longitud: 6° 5115,8796Oeste
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Origin: Folgueiras de Boiro

Duration: 3 h. 20 min

Distance: 8,9 km. (one way)

Dificulty: Media

Ascent gradient:  687 m

Descent gradient: 190 m.

Type: track

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The inhabitants of the region were farmers until the middle of the XX century. They cultivated rye, corn, potatoes, wheat, legumes and grapes. They also used part of the forrest to made pastures for the cattle.


Take a walk by Folgueiras de Boiro, Arandoxo and Pelliceira. You will discover how the life is organised in this remote villages where the natural resources were intelligently used by the inhabitants. Some examples of constructions are the ‘cortinos’ for protecting the honey or the ‘corripas’ to store chestnuts inside their prickly rind.

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