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The Chapels

Tresmonte d'Arriba – Ermita La Madalena- Ermita San Gervasio – Ermita San Pelayo - Ermita San Antonio de Pando – Cangas del Narcea.

The tour starts in the villaje of Tresmonte d'Arriba, next to the washing place and fountain, where you can leave the car and take the bike. Go over the village up to the chapel of la Madalena (1144m.), starting here, the patha has a soft ascent first, and later, it has better  parts. The tops of the Cuetu d’Arbas (2.002 m.) and Caniel.las (1.923 m.) delimit this first part of the route.

After passing by the lakes of Noceda, Caldevil.la y La Barraca, that have cattle on the area, after more than 7 km, you will reach the Picu El Cuervo, a geodesic vertex and the highest part of the track (1.305m.) From here, the descent starts, to the second chapel, the chapel of San Gervasio. Continue with the valleys of the river Narcea and the Sierra de peña Ventana to the left and the river Naviegu and the Pico Sigueiru to the right.

From the third chapel, the chapel of San Pelayo (to the right of the path, in a plantation, there is the possibility to visit the chapel of San Cipriano, taking a road to the right. This is an optional part, that you could do, but you have to go back again, to continue the route.

Continuing the descent of the Sierra del Pando, the last chapel before ending is the chapel of San Antonio (680 m high and more than 15 km travelled). From this point the descent increases to go to El Cascarín neighbourhood, the entrance to the village of Cangas del Narcea and the neighbourhood of Emtrambasauguas. The last one is the historic heart of the village and is where the tour finishes, next to the medieval bridge and El Carmen chapel.

The tour is suitable for mountain bike or for walking. It is an alternative of the GR.203 path. Their signs is present along all the way to Cangas del Narcea.


Distance:  27,28 km

Difficulty: Media

Ascent gradient: 327 m.

Descent gradien: 923 m.

Type: track

Crossing: all year

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