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The bike route between valleys

Cangas del Narcea - Las Mestas – Cibea – Xinestosu – Sonande – La Chabola - Cangas del Narcea

The route starts in Cangas del Narcea, by the AS-213 road, going up river the Luiña. From las Mestas, the river is the Cibea. You will gradually take high, going trough villages like Carbachu or Sorrodiles, where you can see houses, places and good examples of the rural architecture or the area. The ascent to the village of Xenestosu starts in Sorrodiles. It has 6 km long with regular ascents of 7-10% gradient.

Xinestosu (1.1145m.) is an open valley where you can take a walk to the end of the village and go back an area full of country houses, going over its streets and observing its privileged location.

The way back is by the same CN-4 road, to Sorrodiles, where you have to take the CN-8 to Val.láu. In the village of Sonande a short but hard ascent starts (4 km with 16% gradient in the first ramps).

After passing Val.láu, the road joins to the AS-213 in La Chabola. You have to turn right and take it, and descent to the starting point in Cangas del Narcea, by following the river Naviegu.


Distance:  58,88 km

Difficulty: media-high

Ascent gradient: 1.181 m.

Descent gradien: 1.181 m.

Type: circular

Crossing: all year


The long and sheer Cibea Valley had centuries ago a renowned relevance. The Flórez-Valdés palace in Carbachu, and the Tower in Sorrodiles and many houses in Val.láu, Sonande, L.amera or Sorrodiles, are a preserved example of this.


A walk in Xinestosu. After taking the top of the Cibea valley ascent, take a breather and walk by the calm streets of this peculiar village that is located in one of the most beautiful valleys of the region.

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