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The Asturleonesa

Cangas del Narcea – El Puertu – Caboalles – Puertu La Col.lada - Degaña – Puertu El Rañadoiru – Cangas del Narcea

Its circular planning allowed to do it in both directions, going over the councils of Cangas del Narcea and Degaña. You can start where you want, and face the mountain passes from the lowest to the highest difficulty, as we propose, or do it in the opposite way.

Start the route in the village of Cangas del Narcea, and go, in a soft ascent, by the AS-213 road, to a long ascension to El Puertu de Leitariegos (1.525 m). They are 33 km with gradients from the 4% to the 8%. In the village, nex to the Cuetu d’arbas (2.002 m., it was the first two thousand of the est part of the Cordillera Cantábrica), use the fountain to take water.

From here, you are going into a region of León, the Laciana region, going down and arriving to Caboalles. In this village you have to turn right by the CL-626 road, starting the ascent to the second pass, La Collada, in Degaña. It has only 6 km of ascension, that allow you to reach the 1359 m of the pas to go back to Asturias.

In La Collada, do down following the river Ibias and going trough the villages of Zarréu and Degaña. The path in this part is the AS-15 road, that you will folloe until reaching the starting point. This part or the track goes over the glacier valley of Degaña. You can ride calmly and enjoy the views.

The last pass to overtake is El Rañadoiru that is shorter because of a tunnel. The most difficult part is between Fonduveigas and the tunnel; it has several ascents with short parts to rest. In this part there are dense woods and natural viewpoints.

Then, you will arrive to El Pueblo, and there are only some kilometres to arrive to Cangas del Narcea, following the river in a descent.


Distance:  99,42 km

Difficulty: high

Ascent gradient: 1.685 m

Descent gradien: 1.685 m

Type: circular

Crossing: all year

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