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El Piñolo

Courias - Camino Real to El Puelu - Cortafuegos Los borrachinos - Alto Santana - El Puelu - Camino Real to Courias - El Vachagón - Mirador de Piñolo - Santana – Courias.

Circular route available for trail running, that is developed by joining several times the well known El Puelo Camino Real with Santana.

It is not really complicated, by it has an ascent by a fire-lane taht solves 300m high in 800 m long. There is also loose stone on the path, that will difficult the track while running. It is almost all travelled by cattle paths and soil paths. On the first and on the last km, and in the villages of “El Puelu” and “Santana” there is pavement.


Origin: Courias (In front of the Monastery)

Duration: 2 h. 45 min

Distance: 14,5 km

Acumulated gradient: +/- 1480 m. (750 m +)

Type: circular

Difficulty: Media


Starting in the nearby of the Courias Monastry, cross the bridge over the river Narcea and turn right looking for the Camino Real that goes to El Puelu. Continue by this path with a soft gradient. It invites to do it in a good rhythm until seeing the village of El Puelu. There, you will find a fire-lane almost in vertical, to the right, in an area known as ‘Los borrachinos’, because the great amount of arbutus. Start to climb it, as you could, until reaching a path that cuts it by  the Alto de Santana. There, turn right to go down and recovered, to El Puelu.

In the same part, take the first crossing to the richt, that foes to the new Camino Real, to Corias, this time. Continue by a soft descent, that allowed you to run quickly until taking another crossing to the right and going again to Santana. During the track, you will have a good excuse to stop and rest a bit, the “Mirador del Piñolo”, a place where you can enjoy a good view over Courias, Cangas del Narcea and a part of Sierra del Pando. From here, continue going up, and quickly you will reach Santana. Then. The descent starts, after going several times to the left in every crossing. hat path leads you to the old path in a quick descent to Courias.

By Ruben Alvarez Alvarez

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