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Tierras Pésicas

Capilla de Ambasaguas – Barrio de El Cascarín – Santa Eulalia de Cueiras (fuente de agua) – Moral (fuente de agua) – San Pelayo (ermita) – Brañas de Caldevilla y Acio  San Antonio del Pando (ermita) – Barrio de El Cascarín – Capilla de Ambasaguas.

Circular route to trail running, that is totally developed by the Sierra del Pando and that is not really complicated, but needs a good physical condition because of its gradient.  It is almost all by cattle paths and soil paths, although there are some pavement parts, at the first and last 750 m.


Origin: Chapel of Ambasaguas - Cangas del Narcea

Duration:  2 h. 45 min

Distance: 15, 7 km

Acumulated gradient: +/- 1375 m. (640 m +)

Type: circular

Difficulty: Low


Starting by the chapel of Amsasaguas, go out fo Cangas del Narcea going up by the Cascarín neighbourhood. On the top part, you will arrive to the crossing of L.lamas, but you have to continueby the ‘Carrilona’ a path that organise the Sierra. Go to the crossing to go down to Santolaya, you will find a fountain next to a well.

The descent is short because there is a crossing over the village, and you have to go to the left to go up again, this time looking for the highest ascent of the track, “el Pastizal”, that takes this name because of a pasture that is on the left.

After thar, continue going up to a new crossing, where you have to turn left to go down to the village of Moral. There, turn right in each crossing and detour of its streets (there are some fountains), to reach high again, little by little, to go to the area of San Pelayo, the top part of the route. There right and continue by a flat area and after that, go down to a crossing located to the left, that lead you to the ‘Brañas de Aciu’. You don’t have to reach them, you have to take crossings to the right that lead you to the Carrilona again. Go down passing by the chapel of San Antonio del Pando, and after that, go back to Cangas del Narcea, going into the El Cascarín neighbourhood again.

By Ruben Alvarez Alvarez

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