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GR 203 Por donde camina el oso. Etapa 10. Genestoso - L`Acebu

Stage 10: Xinestosu-L'Acebu

The best views of the Cantabrian mountain range, from El Aramo and Las Ubiñas to Torre Orniz and the Sierra de Tineo.

Cangas del narcea, corias, Acebo, Fuentes del narcea, long distance path, Asturias

GR: Etapa 11. El Acebo-Corias

Stage 11: L'Acebu-Courias

The key points of this stage are the Acebo Sanctuary and the Monastery of Corias. Spirituality, heritage and wine.

gran recorrido, senderismo, ruta, por donde camina el oso, corias, defradas, cangas del narcea

Vista desde el mirador de Piñolo

Stage 1: Courias-Las Defradas

Open your eyes! You have the opportunity to discover the territories of Piñolo Count, our ‘mountain-climbing cows’ and the mountains where they stand, protected by modest chapels. This is a generous track that finishes getting you closer to the Romans gold mines.

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Stage 5: San Antolín-Alguerdo

The road runs parallel to the Ibias river to reach one of the most emblematic villages of Ibias. It is suitable for hikers and mountain biking.

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GR.203. Por donde camina el oso. Etapa 7. Sisterna - Cerredo

Stage 7: Sisterna-Zarréu

From land of cunqueiros to land of miners. That could be the name of this stage, which unites two ways of life and two councils (Ibias-Degaña)

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GR.203. Por donde camina el oso. Etapa 6. Alguerdo - Sisterna

Stage 6: Alguerdo-Sisterna

Beautiful stage to discover the ethnographic and traditional architecture of Ibias. You will return to the past!!

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